Worksheet for Ideal Life Plan

 Plan For Your Ideal Life

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion.  For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”  T.D. Jakes

Five years from now what do you wish your life looked like? Are some aspects currently out of balance? Here are some questions to stimulate your thinking towards goals and a plan. 

What do you want your career to look like?

If you could have 5 career choices, what would they be?  

If you are following your “bliss” what does that look like?  What activity makes you glow, makes hours slip and away and you look track of time? 

Or if you are happy in your career what milestones do you wish to achieve?

Are you your authentic self?

Find a photo of yourself before you were ten years old. What are you wearing? What does your outfit indicate about who you were at that time?  What memories does the picture spark for you?  What was important to you then?

Are you happy with the message your clothing gives others about yourself?

What colors and color combinations make you smile?  What colors do you love to wear?  Think back on favorite outfits you worn. Why did you like them?  Is your style Classic? Natural? Youthful? Dramatic? High Spirited or Fun? 

What recreation do you like?

List physical activities that make you happy. Are you currently spending enough time in recreation? 

Are you nutrition minded? 

Are you current in check-ups with your doctor?  Do you eat a balanced diet?

Have you defined your life philosophy?

What is your spiritual belief and what is your struggle?  When are you truly, deeply praying?

What is sacred to you? What are your core beliefs?

Do you spend enough time each day in mindfulness or meditation?

What are your core beliefs?

What activity or people center or ground you to your core beliefs?

If you died tomorrow, what would you want your tombstone to say? 

How would you want to be remembered?  What would you regret not doing?

Who do you admire? Who is your hero?  Why?

What quality do they possess that you would wish for yourself?



Are you happy with your current set of friends or do you need to reach out to others more?

Are you over-involved or under-involved with family?Would you like to give more community service?  What interests you?  

Name 3 people who bring out your best behavior?  What traits do they bring out in you? What can you do to strengthen your ties with these people? 

Name 3 people who bring out your worst behavior?  What traits do they bring out in you?  What can you do to lessen their impact in your life?

What environment brings out the best in you?  

What is something you are really good at remembering?

What is the best compliment you have ever received? 

List 5 of your strengths:

What barriers keep you from achieving your goals?

How will you overcome these barriers?  

The most difficult thing I have ever done:  

How did I do it?

My passion is:

A brief mission statement for me would include:



When you live your ideal life, you are tapped into an energy current of love, grace, talent, patience and beauty. You attract positive situations and people into your life.  You have inner peace.  When you are not, you have negativity that attracts difficulties. You feel anxious, depressed and your self-esteem is fragile. So get going on creating your ideal life.

What you dream, you can begin……dreams have boldness and power.”

Camille Curtis Foster, LCSW

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