Parenting Classes: A Helpful Way To Increase Every Parent’s Effectiveness

In private practice, you get to do a lot of the things you love most. One of the things I love is teaching parenting classes. I am licensed with the Positive Discipline program, a 30 year program based on being “kind AND firm” in your parenting.  The program’s philosophy is based on Driekurs motto, “A misbehaving child is a discouraged child.” The class is taught in an interactive style using a small group of 10-15 participants.

Parents learn child development skills.  They learn tools to gain cooperation and help children explore the consequences of their choices.  Parents also learn the hidden messages in misbehavior as well as methods to engage better behavior.  If you are looking for parenting skills that will help your child become more responsible, independent and have greater self esteem, Positive Discipline is for you.

 Quotes from past participants:

  •  “Positive Discipline has made a positive impact in our family.  Learning to show more kindness and respect as well as accepting mistakes has brought us closer together and helped us better deal with problems or issues.  Great program!” R.K.
  •  “I love this class and would take it again as well as recommend it to other parents.  It has improved my relationship with my child.” E.D.
  • “I have told all my friends to take this class.  I tell them the theories make so much sense when you stop and think about it.” T.M.
  •  “No parent or parent-to-be can be as effective at parenting without this class.”
  • “Positive Discipline has helped me listen more acknowledge more and REACT less.  The changes in our family have been so positive and diffused a lot of difficult situations.”

Here is a film clip about my classes:

Week 1: 
Parents learn the difference between discipline and punishment.  How to be “kind and firm.” Advantages to involving children in limit setting.Class Agenda

Week 2: Parents learn that a misbehaving child is a discouraged child. The 4 goals of misbehavior and how to shift your child. When to correct behavior and how to set up “positive time out.”

Week 3: Understanding different personalities within a family. The significance of birth order on personalities and sibling rivalry. Setting up effective family meetings.

Week 4:  Encouragement versus enabling parenting styles.  Beware of logical consequences.  Focusing on solutions.

Week 5: More kindness versus encouragement.  Punishing versus over- powering.  

Week 6: Listening skills.  Understand how individual styles react under pressure and how to calm everyone.  (Helpful for husbands and wives to understand about each other as well as their children.

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Another good post from a news account of a positive parenting experience. Note: the parent had taken a class!

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