Camille’s Quips and Guide to a Wonderful Life


Here are a set of core values I try to live by, perhaps you may find them helpful too.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 9.19.59 AM

Cultivate a grateful heart* Be generous—give gifts and compliments often* Rejoice in other’s success* Revere nature it will bring peace to your soul* Keep uplifting music near* Listen more than you talk* Dress to the best of your ability in the morning then forget yourself* Never ignore a noble impulse* Stand up for your values* Don’t gossip* Be a friend to everyone* Cleanliness is next to Godliness* Strive for order* Family relationships are forever* Always walk as though you were carrying a crown on your head* Treasure children* There are usually two sides to every story* Don’t expect yourself or anyone else in your life to be perfect; we all need grace* Be involved in your community or church* Two best words: “I’m sorry”* Three best words, “You are right.” Don’t be afraid of hard work; the more difficult the task, the more joy there is in completion* Books are wonderful companions* Exercise until you sweat daily* Eat your veggies* When in doubt, wear black* Give others the benefit of the doubt* Never whine* Practice patience* Laugh often and joyously* Fall in love with life* Time may not heal all wounds but it certainly gives a better perspective* Most problems look better after either a bowl of ice cream, a good night’s sleep or a sincere prayer* Everyone can teach you something so be humble* It hurts to fail but it hurts more to lack the courage to try* Find you unique contribution and do it* Pray always and be believing* It is a wonderful life.  


Camille Curtis Foster, MSW, LCSW

Contact Me |Provo Counseling Center/ 801.472.7134/

Often times we do good when we feel good, if you want ideas to improve your self-esteem check out my blog post:

This butterfly photo is exhibited in the Facebook Page of ‘Our Beautiful World & Universe’


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